Mayor Frank

A Record of Accomplishment

Stability and More Certainty.

Under Terry Frank’s leadership, Anderson County received a two notch ratings increase, from A+ up to AA from Standard & Poor’s and  and was removed  from high-risk audit status, a level not reached since 2006.

Pro-Business Incentives.

Terry Frank managed to not only hold the line on taxes — but secured a fractional decrease in taxes for our local small businesses that they can reinvest in future growth and job creation.

Accountability for Future Growth.

Terry Frank is actively working to make Anderson County’s government more efficient and effective for every family and business. In her first two months on the job, Terry cut over $161,000 from office expenses and is implementing new technological procedures to create long-term savings.

Marketing Anderson County to Tennessee.

As a board member and executive officer for 3 regional economic development boards, Terry Frank is marketing Anderson County to all Tennessee businesses — so that we can attract new industries and businesses to relocate here in our County, bringing with them jobs and opportunities our families need and deserve.  Terry has also served on Anderson County’s local economic board for over 10 years.