About Terry

“I’m not a career politician.  I am a small business owner who knows what it takes to balance a budget and make a payroll. 

“We have moved Anderson County forward with common sense, business minded leadership that focuses on new jobs and opportunities in our community. Together, we have secured one of the county’s only tax cuts in history, cut office spending, and worked to increase efficiency throughout county government. We’ve created a more efficient and customer-focused system that puts people ahead of personal gain. Today, our county is stronger, more secure and more competitive – and our tomorrow, even better.”

Mayor Terry Frank—No One Works Harder.

Terry was born, raised and educated in Anderson County, the daughter of a coal miner.

Today, Terry and her husband are proudly raising their three sons here, instilling in them the same work ethic that has served Terry and Anderson County well.

Terry was a proud small business owner for over 20 years. She’s not a career politician. As the former co-owner and operator of Nature’s Marketplace in Oak Ridge, Terry has helped build a successful business and create local jobs.

Now Terry is using her firsthand business experience to make Anderson County more competitive and attractive to new businesses and the jobs they create.

As Mayor, Terry Frank has worked ‘round the clock to build a stronger today and brighter tomorrow for Anderson County taxpayers, families and small businesses.

Proudly honoring her promise to protect Anderson County from higher taxes, Terry helped secure one of the county’s only tax cuts in history, passing a fiscally responsible budget that included a property tax rate cut.

Terry cut office spending, saving taxpayers over $160,000 a year in spending on her watch, and helped Anderson County improve its bond rating and fiscal outlook.

Terry worked to increase efficiency throughout county government and create a more customer-friendly system that ensures taxpayers get the answers they need, when they need them.

Terry continues to focus on job creation, helping Anderson County compete for new jobs and opportunities, making it easier to do business here, and providing job creators with the stability and predictability to invest in their businesses and create new local jobs.

More About Terry:

Terry was born and raised in Anderson County.  She graduated from Anderson County High School, attended the University of the South at Sewanee and received her BA in Political Science from Middle Tennessee State University.  Terry met her husband Lee in class at MTSU and together, they have three sons, Atticus (23), Davis (21) and Avery (14).  They live in Clinton.  Together, Lee and Terry operated Nature’s Marketplace in Oak Ridge for over 20 years.