About Terry

“It’s a new day in Anderson County. Together, we can put the past behind us and move Anderson County forward with common sense, business-minded leadership that brings new jobs and opportunities to our community, increases fiscal responsibility, and creates honest, open, effective government that puts people ahead of personal gain. People come first. That’s my commitment to you and Anderson County’s future.”

Anderson County Native

The daughter of a coal miner, Terry Frank was born here, raised here, and educated here. Terry is a proud wife and mother of three sons who is committed to protecting our quality of life, strengthening our economy, and restoring the public’s trust in Anderson County government.

Small Business Owner – Not a Career Politician

Terry is the co-owner and operator of Nature’s Marketplace in Oak Ridge, a local eatery in business for nearly 20 years. Terry will bring that proven experience to the county government.

Energizing Our Local Economy

Terry is a local job creator who knows we can bring more jobs and opportunities to Anderson County by supporting the growth of small businesses, cutting burdensome regulations that stand in the path of job creators, and creating an environment that increases our county’s competitive edge.

Fiscal Conservative

Terry believes in lower taxes, less spending, and smaller government to protect taxpayers and ensure we don’t pay the price for the county’s poor planning.

Keeping Taxes Low

Terry understands Anderson County residents can’t afford higher taxes. Terry believes the county was wrong to raise taxes last year and is committed to vetoing any future proposed tax increase.

Restoring Trust

Terry will lead by example and set the tone for county government run with honesty and integrity.